BSTTW Board of Directors

By: Michael Appleman, CEO

Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. is currently looking for a new Board of Directors Secretary and a BSTTW Members at Large. BSTTW is looking for a burn survivor, family member, doctor, lawyer, or corporate professional to represent BSTTW as the BSTTW Board of Directors Secretary and the BSTTW Member at Large. A BSTTW Secretary has the right to vote at all of our meetings, bring up information and question what is being discussed and/or voted on. At the end of the board meeting a copy of the board discussions are sent to the BSTTW Secretary. This way the Secretary can take part in the board meeting without worrying about taking notes, unless he/she would like to. Both the Secretary and Member at Large positions is given a personal BSTTW email account.


The BSTTW Board of Directors meets on the average of 6 times per year in a private chat room. All board members are required to attend all board meetings. If for some reason you are unable to attend a board meeting you can pass your vote to another board member. If a board member misses more than 2 meetings he/she can be asked to resign or can be fired.

As a member of the BSTTW Board of Directors you will be an important part of BSTTW helping burn survivors rebuild their lives, offer their family members and friends the support and education needed, educate the public about fire safety, building a stronger internet site, offer and/or start support groups in your community, offer fund raising and educational community meetings, creating online conferences, taking part in the BSTTW Online Community, the BSTTW Facebook Site and the BSTTW Online Podcast. You may also travel around the world helping others as a BSTTW Representative.

In order to become a BSTTW Board of Directors Secretary or the Member at Large you must be a BSTTW Member and a BSTTW Volunteer. In order to become a BSTTW Member you must fill out and submit the BSTTW Membership E-Form on our internet site at In order to become a BSTTW Volunteer you must fill out and submit the BSTTW Volunteer E-Form at Once the E-Forms are received they will be reviewed and you will receive a response within 72 hours. You and a current BSTTW Board of Director will set up a day and time to speak by telephone so you can learn more about BSTTW and the board member, ask any questions you might have and the board member can learn more about you.

The BSTTW Board of Directors will discuss the meeting with you at the next board meeting and you will be informed of their decision within 1 week after that board meeting.

I look forward to meeting with and working with any of you who are interested in becoming a BSTTW Volunteer and joining the BSTTW Board of Directors.

If you would have any questions do not hesitate to contact Michael Appleman, BSTTW CEO by telephone at 936-483-9014 or by email at