Welcome All Burn Survivors, Family Members,

Friends and Others Working With

People Suffering A Burn Injury.

By: Michael Appleman, CEO



All Burn Survivors no matter what age, go through a lot during all stages of recovery. When the burn survival starts the hospital staff, doctors, nurses, aids, family and friends are needed. The burn survivor having to go to a burn unit is not surprising. They get the evaluation, care and positive help needed. A group of specialists like plastic surgeons, cardiac, pulminary, internal medicine, infectious disease, psychiatrists, etc. are on call for the burn unit and are ready to do their job in the repair and survival of the new patient. The main doctors incharge of the burn unit have the education and experiecne in how to put together the best possible care for all Burn Survivors. Physical and Occupational therapists work in this type of unit to overview and try to repair and stop any more damage to the body. They are needed to evaluate the Burn Survivor ASAP for the treatment to be put into effect and also medical equipment that is needed to keep the body in the best positions possible.

Burn Survivors many times are treated in a regular hospital setting. Some hospitals have the team that has worked with Burn Survivors. On the other hand many realize that it is best to send them to Burn Units due to the type of burns and their medical history.


During recovery it is very positive for the burn survivor, family and friends to see and discuss things with the team and also with Burn Survivors that come to the hospital to support these individuals.

Burn Survivors have been released from hospitals prior to the time they should have. Unfortionately many times they return to the hospital. Many are sent to places like nursing homes, motels, their home,etc. that are not able to take care them. Also Burn Survivors very often need medical help orthotics, prosthetics and surgery for years after their actually becoming a burn survivor. Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW) is realizing the full range of problems a new Burn Survivor faces.

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Adults and Children are injured in many incidents that they did and did not cause.

Children also have problems that need to be addressed by a team that knows how to care for and relate to them. There are special Burn Units for children. Shriners Children's Hospital's make sure that their Burn Survivors are given special help. They even have free rehabilitation. Again there are times children are kept in regular hospitals children's units.


In the legal end there are groups that are fighting for the H.R. 1130 Fire Safe Cigarettes Act of 1999, and the Safe Children's Sleepware H.R. 329, just to name two. This so our government has the Bills that help in saving lives that are in relationship to fires.

Burn Survivors are like other people. Their beauty comes from within. The external scars are not the signs of the care, love and goodness they can give. They like others can be negative or positive people. Part of the beauty of a Burn Survivor is that so many learned the true meaning of life by surviving a physical and emotional trauma. As we all know many individuals in the world have also learned due to injuries and other situations in their life.

The World needs to put their abilities together. There are so many products, medications and work found in so many areas of the world. All doctors need to use the best that the World has to offer. This is not to say that some doctors are not presently doing so.

Life changes for Burn Survivors. They can have things that were so easy become so hard. Also there are limits to what they can do. Burn Survivors continue to reach goals that are needed to become happier individuals.

Every year there is the World Burn Congress. It is a very positive time for Burn Survivors. They are educated, meet other Burn Survivors, some become friends, get and give support and enjoy life with others that so many understand and accept the external scars. For some Burn Survivors certain feelings and flash backs are released during this time and they have the other Burn Survivors to lean on.

I am the founder of BSTTW and also a burn survivor. In May 1998, I pulled over in my car to take a rest. I was a cigarette smoker at that time in my life. I read the bible and smoked a cigarette. I thought that I put out the cigarette before I went to sleep. Unfortunately, I was wrong and I woke up to me and the car on fire. My legs below the knees were in flames. I rolled down the window in the car and then opened the door and got out. I knew that I needed to put the fire on my body out before I burned down to nothing. So I reentered the car to get a gallon bottle of water I had in the car. As I reentered the car, my face, neck and right hand took heat impact and suffered 2nd degree burns. Fortunately, I did put the fire out on body and was able to walk away from the car. I got about 50 yards away from the car and sat down. The windows of the car began to explode. I waited for about 15 minutes until a local driver saw the fire, made a phone call and came over to see what was happening. He and another gentleman helped me get up and walk over to his truck. He opened up the back of the truck and had me sit and wait for the paramedics to arrive. About 10 more minutes passed. The paramedics show up and began to remove my shoes, socks and cut my pants to see the damage. I suffered 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree burns. I was asked to get up and walk over to the ambulance. I tried to stand and my legs could not hold me up. The walk away from the car when it was on fire was the last time I walked for 2 1/2 years. After medical treatment, surgeries, medical equipment and a lot of rehabilitation, I was able to walk again. Due to the burn injury my life changed forever.

God has given me the chance to continue life and help others. That is why I Founded BSTTW . Do not hesitate to reach out to BSTTW for the support, education and advocacy you need to rebuild your life.

God Bless you, your family and friends.


Life is not always what we expect
Things can happen at any time
By accepting the power from God and others
Our fight to continue to live stays alive.

Our true friends that we have
Are the ones that remain
They help us so many times
With strength that we need.

When we remember the fire
Or are bothered the results
We must afterwards see
It is time for us to get love, help and truly believe.

Michael Appleman
February 6, 2000

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