Exercise & Rebuild Your Life

By: Michael Appleman, CEO

Exercising may be an excellent tool while you are rebuilding your life and for years to come. Keeping in shape is an important part of moving forward. Instead of watching television, eating or just hanging you it is important for you to start working out. After suffering a burn injury you could be suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pain and more.


You should try to exercise either before or after you eat. See which one works for you. Many of us did not exercise before we suffered a burn injury. That is ok. We all need to get started at the beginning. Our lives are too important not to begin an exercise plan. You might like to start off by walking your dog. Most dogs love to go out and move around. Your dog would love to help you out and be part of your program. If you do not have a dog you might want to begin by walking on your own or with a friend.

Strive for a healthy mix of cardio and strength training. Start off by exercising 10 to 15 minutes three times a day. Each week you should add 5 minutes to your exercise plan. You should aim for 30 minutes three times a week in order to increase your cardio. Strength training should be done twice a week. So you will be exercising five times a week for 30 minutes a day. If you are new to exercising or you are still in pain and recovering from a burn injury, you should start off less and build up to your goal.

A healthier and faster metabolism can help your burn calories all day long. You may become hungry. Take a snack or do not eat in order to loose weight. One thing you can count on is that you will become less likely to gain weight.