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Rebuilding Lives: Does The Public Understand?

By: Michael Appleman, M.S.

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A burn survivor needs to rebuild his/her self-esteem and feelings different compared to others. Many are angry and confused. He/She may not understand why this happened. Others are angry at the individual(s) who caused them to suffer the burn injury. Some do not understand why they survived while other individuals did not survive.

It is very important for burn survivors to meet and get support from other individuals who have experienced the same type of injury, pain, rehabilitation and social consequences.

All of us must remember that for each burn patient, burn victim and burn survivor, there is at least one family member who has suffered emotionally. The emotional trauma from a traumatic event is not limited to the person bearing the external injury. It extends to the immediate family and beyond. Family members struggle with feelings of guilt and sadness as they contemplate their loved one's future. Some families must also resolve the loss of family member(s).

It is important for the neighborhood to take part in helping both the burn survivor and family members recover and feel that they are not alone. The burn survivor will need support and positive feedback when reentering the community. BSTTW can help educate the community on the stages of recovery and how they can take part in the recovery process.

BSTTW offers the BSTTW Online Community a support team, weekly scheduled chats, one on one and family chats, weekend get togethers and support groups for both burn survivors and family members. At the support chats, the BSTTW Online Community and the BSTTW Group on Facebook burn survivors and family members build friends, gather information and their lives move forward. BSTTW helps members of the burn survivor community come together to share their experiences, enjoy their lives, gather emotional support and education. During the chats and one on one meetings a burn survivor can release his/her fears, be looked at like an individual and just feel at home with people who not only understand but truly care about them. You can learn more about the BSTTW Online Community at https://www.burnsurvivorsttw.org/articles/bsttwcommunity.html and the BSTTW Friends Group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/759247214212540/. You can find out more about what BSTTW offers and how you can join both BSTTW and the BSTTW Online Community at https://www.burnsurvivorsttw.org/membership/membership.html.

Being A Burn Survivor Mentor:

If you are a burn survivor you understand that from the moment you suffered the burn injury your life changed forever. You suffered a tremendous loss emotionally, medically, physically and financially. Many burn survivors have said that the initial trauma and painful medical suffering that was endured during the first few, days, months and for some years, was no match for the life-long emotional struggle they have been going through.

BSTTW has a support team of burn survivors, family members, counselors and doctorsbwho donate their time to offer advocacy, education, friendship and referrals to help both the burn survivor and family member. The BSTTW Support Team (BST) offers the following:

1. Hospital Visits
2. Face To Face Home Visits
3. Telephone Calls, Including a toll free 800 number
4. Private and Group Internet Chats
5. Emails
6. Medical Referrals
7. Medical Supplies
8. Fund Raising

Below are the following ways you can contact BSTTW at:

BSTTW Emergency E-Form
or by telephone at 936-483-9014.