Roger Federer Donates To & Supports BSTTW

By: Michael Appleman, CEO


Michael Appleman, CEO of BSTTW sent information about BSTTW to Roger Federer and requested his support. After reading the articles, stories, BSTTW brochure and listening to the BSTTW Music CD, Lynette Federer responded to Mr. Appleman and BSTTW with positive support. Roger immedately autographed one picture and a shirt that he wore at one of his winning tennis tournaments. Then Lynette wrote a letter to Mr. Michael Appleman, CEO and mailed the personally autographed shirt, personally autographed picture and another autographed picture to BSTTW.

Both Lynette and Roger Federer are very caring people. As most of you reading this article know, Roger Federer is a well known tennis player and caring individual. He has moved forward in his life as an actor, husband, father and loving family member and never forgot the importance of helping others. Roger Federer started the Roger Federer Foundation (RFF). The RFF was established in December 2003 with two goals in mind. First to fund projects that benefit disadvantaged children and second to promote sport for young people. The RFF begain working closely with the IMBEWU, a South African/Swiss Aid foundation. The IMBEWU does what is needed to help improve social conditions for children and young people in the New Brighton township near Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Lynette and Roger Federer are proud to be part of helping BSTTW and the burn survivor community. Both Lynette and Roger Federer asks the people around the world and especially all of his fans to open up their hearts and support BSTTW financially and volunteer with the organization. Lynette has asked BSTTW to keep her up to date on our upcoming auction and BSTTW's work.

Below is the letter that Lynette sent to BSTTW.