BSTTW Opens An Office In Texas
By: Michael Appleman, CEO

In December 2006, Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW) packed their bags, moved our Florida office from Sarasota to Hollywood, Florida and opened up a new office in Conroe, Texas.

After several board meetings and a great deal of discussions, the BSTTW board of directors agreed that it would benefit both BSTTW and the burn survivor communities in the USA and Mexico if BSTTW opened up an office in Texas and move their current Sarasota, Florida office to Hollywood, Florida.

BSTTW is currently registered as a non profit organization in Colorado, Florida and Texas. All donations to BSTTW are tax deductible on both individual and corporate tax returns to the extent allowed by the IRS. With the help of corporations, governments, organizations and the general public BSTTW has raised the funding, medical supplies, medications, legal advice and the volunteers needed to offer the help needed to burn survivors, family members and to increase public fire safety awareness.

BSTTW is looking for volunteers, financial, medical and other donations. To learn more, you can contact Michael Appleman at 936-647-2256. You can mail all of your BSTTW donations to:

Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.
16193 Lone Star Ranch Drive #102
Conroe, Texas 77302

If any of you reading this article are interested in becoming a BSTTW Volunteer, you should fill out and submit the BSTTW Volunteer E-Format If you are unable to go to the internet, have any questions or have trouble filling out and/or submitting the BSTTW Volunteer E-Form you can contact Michael Appleman, CEO at 936-483-9014.

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