Yoga, is the union of mind, body and spirit. Before you start taking a Yoga class you must decide which type meets your needs. The following four styles of Yoga are the most popular types in the United States.

Hatha Yoga

This is the most popular type of Yoga taught in the United States. It focuses on poses and postures, including controlled breathing and emphasizing concentration, endurance and elasticity.

Kundalini Yoga

This type incorporates chanting, meditation and guided relaxation through breathing.

Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu, is another type of Yoga that is widely taught in the United States. It is a free flowing type of Yoga. The person holds their poses lightly.

Lyengar Yoga

This type focuses on detail and precise body alignment. You hold the poses for a longer amount of time than the other types.

Part of choosing the types of Yoga you work with is picking the instructor that you feel comfortable with. It is recommended that you select someone that has a number of years of education and training practice. Your instructor needs to describe which muscles are being exercised for each pose. He or she must also make sure that your poses are done correctly. You must also learn the proper breathing techniques. Finally, as the student, you must inform your instructor of all-past and current medical problems and injuries. This way any type of modification can be done.

As we know Yoga is an exercise that demands dedication and practice. Yoga should not be viewd as a cure for your conditions. It is suggested that you stay away from competing with other. Yoga depends on your individual needs and availabilities. Always try to avoid injury. You must not hold the poses past the limits your body can handle. Any setbacks can cause a delay in reaching the mind, body and spirit work you are trying to achieve.

Yoga is not known as a fat-burning exercise. On the other side, Yoga can be used by anybody, anytime, anywhere, reguardless of your fitness level. The mind-body experiences that are achieved can be extraordinary. People that use Yoga fifteen minutes a day usually see positive results.

Yoga is seen to help relieve stress in our daily lives. It teaches us how to loosen up and discharge tension by becoming attentive to our body. A healthy lifestyle can be reached when Yoga is used correctly.