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Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW), is proud the new and upgraded BSTTW Online Community. The new BSTTW Online Community is a private community for burn survivors, burn unit members, caregivers, corporations, doctors, family members, firefighters, foundations, governments, militaries, organizations, volunteers and others who are part of the burn survivor community. In order to keep the BSTTW Online Community private BSTTW has decided to review the BSTTW Membership and BSTTW Online Community Forms in order to have a minimal amount if any individual who should not be part of the BSTTW Online Community . BSTTW has decided to do this so the BSTTW Online Community Members can have an enjoyable and private time on the BSTTW Online Community. The BSTTW Online Community can to take part in the following:


  • Articles
  • Blogs
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  • BSTTW's Upcoming Events
  • Chat
  • Conferences
  • Create friendships
  • Downloads
  • Email other members
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  • Share your stories and poems
BSTTW Members and BSTTW Online Community Members will also be added to the BSTTW E-Lists, BSTTW Update E-Lists and the BSTTW News E-Lists. All BOC members are given the option to be added to the BSTTW Online Burn Survivor & Family Member Sites and the BSTTW Online Community (BOC).
Due to the fact that there are Hackers, Spam individuals and Sellers all membership applications must be reviewed. This will help BSTTW to weed out the majority of Hackers, Spammers and Sellers.

To learn more about the BSTTW Online Community and find out how to join go to http://www.burnsurvivorsttw.org/community/membership.php.
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