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Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW) is an international 501 (c)(3) non profit organizations that offers members and non members a support team on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, advocacy, funding, medical referrals, medications, weekly scheduled and emergency chats, educational materials, an internet site filled with a lot of information, a Support Team and more in order to help you continue to reach your goals take the steps needed to recover from a burn injury or having a loved one suffer a burn injury.

In order to become a BSTTW Member your membership application will be reviewed. This is done due to the fact that there are alot of spammers and hackers out on the internet who attempt to join BSTTW. We must do our best to weed them out. If you are attempting to become a BSTTW Member and advertise for anything, your membership will not be approved and you will be removed. You will be waiting all of your time. So we ask any of you that are attempting to advertise on the BSTTW Online Community or our any of the BSTTW E-Lists, not to waist our time and yours. BSTTW will report you to the company or internet site you are attempting to advertise and request that they stop these actions.

When you become a BSTTW Member, you will not only be added to the BSTTW E-List and the BSTTW News Update E-List. You will also be addeded to the BSTTW Online Burn Survivor & Family Member Sites and the BSTTW Online Community (BOC).

The BSTTW BSCS's offers each BSTTW Member up to 5 internet pages and 15 uploaded pictures and/or graphics. By having your own internet pages, you, other burn survivors and family members, can express what occurred in your life or a family members life after suffering a burn injury, find others who have suffered a burn injury, and help rebuild lives. The web pages and pictures become the property of BSTTW. The URL to your internet pages will be automatically added to the BSTTW BSCS Home Page and after reviewing your new site, if your new site meets the BSTTW requirements, BSTTW will add your home page to the BSTTW Stories List and the internet search engines.

The BSTTW Online Community (BOC) offers a special community for burn survivors, burn units, caregivers, corporations, doctors, family members, firefighters, friends, foundations, governments, militaries, organizations, volunteers and others involved in the burn survivor community. All members of the of the BOC are from all around the world. With the BSTTW Online Community you can:
  • build your own network of contacts who share your interests
  • send video and voice messages
  • use built-in communication services
  • create blogs and forums
  • chat and email other members
  • keep up to date on BSTTW's Upcoming Events
  • create your own clubs and invite people, who share your interests
  • keep up to date on doctors and specialists online conferences with the BSTTW Online Community
  • receive the friendship, information and the support needed to rebulid your life
  • share your stories and poems

If you cannot afford any amount then you should choose the "Dues Waiver" option below and BSTTW will offer you a free yearly membership. Any burn survivor or family member who requests the waived membership dues should skip the next page that comes up after you fill out and submit the Membership E-Form below. If you are not a burn survivor or famliy member and you attempt to request a free membership your membership will not be accepted.

Within 72 hours after becoming a BSTTW Member you will receive your login information to the BSTTW Online Community. That is when everything begins for you. You can sign into your BSTTW Online Community update your password, fill out the burn survivor, personal, business and social profiles. You can also start inviting others, creating blogs, clubs, writing stories and more.

So in order to take the first step, fill out the BSTTW Membership Form, submit it, pay your membership dues (if required) and take part in the BSTTW E-Lists, start creating your personal internet pages and enjoy the BSTTW Online Community.

BSTTW Online Community Membership E-Form

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