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BSTTW is proud to offer the burn survivor community
live Audio Video Conferences. This allows BSTTW to have up to 500 individuals in the conference room at one time. The speaker will be heard and seen. He/She can offer you pictures, videos, Powerpoint information, a black board and more. Eigth of the individuals who are taking part in the conference can be seen by video. Everyone taking part can ask questions using a microphone or using the keyboard. You do not have to download or install any information. You do not need DSL or Cable Internet. You can use this with telephone internet.

If you would like to take part with the video or audio section of this conference system you must have a webcam and/or a web microphone. That is all. Below is a list of upcoming conferences and the information you need to register for the weekly scheduled chats.

Upcoming Conferences:


You can login 10 minutes before the conference begins. A word to the wise do not wait too long to sign in. There are only a certain number of visitors that are able to take part in the conference and if people do not show up within the fits 15-20 minutes the Moderators have the option to close the conference.



1. In order to take part in the Audio Conference all you need to do is go to the URL listed above fill in your First and Last Name and use the Password that is listed on this page and the URL for the BSTTW Audio Video Conference.

2. You can sign in 15 minutes before the conference begins. If people do not show up the Moderator and Speakers will discuss closing the conference early. So do not wait too long to sign in.

3. If you have a webcamera, computer microphone and speakers in your computer you will be able to see, hear and talk to others. You will get to see and hear the speakers. If you have a question you should put your question in the questions section that you will find in the conference web page. If your question is asked you may get to personally ask the question live at the conference. People at the conference will get to hear and see you if you have a webcamera and computer microphone.

3. Remember that the BSTTW Audio Video Confernce allows a total of 500 individuals to take part in the conference. If you one of the individuals over teh 500 individuals who have signed in to the conference, feel free to contact BSTTW and let us know. If there are enough people who were unable to sign in, BSTTW and the speakers may be able to set up another day and time for a second conference.

4. If you have any questions realting to the conference, registering, signing in or using the BSTTW Audio Video Conference Service you can send fill out the BSTTW Comments and Question E-Form and submit it to BSTTW. We will answer your question by email within 72 hours. The BSTTW Comments and Question E-From can be found at http://www.burnsurvivorsttw.org/eforms/emailform.html.

If you would like a face to face, one on one chat or would like to work with BSTTW to being an online BSTTW Audio Video Support Chat please chat the BSTTW Support Team at the BSTTW Support Team E-Form.

If you have an emergency you can contact BSTTW by telephone at 936-483-9014 or by using the the BSTTW Emergency E-Form. When you get to the E-Form you must fill out everything that is required then send it to BSTTW. A BSTTW Support Team Member will respond within 24 hours and set up either a fact to face meeting, an emergency chat or telephone call. If you need support from the BSTTW Support Team and it is not an emergency fill out and submit the BSTTW Support Team E-Form at BSTTW Support Team E-Form. A BSTTW Support Team Member will reply within 24-48 hours after receiving your E-Form. You can also contact the BSTTW Support Team by telephone at 936-483-9014. A BSTTW Support Team Member will be happy to speak with you by telephone, a home if possible, live audio video chat or email.

BSTTW has a public chat room that offers over 20 languages. Meet other burn survivors, get and give support and make new friends.

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