Makeup: Teens Staff of Life

By: Delores Lekowski


Makeup has long been a staple for teenagers. What an amazing product.

Over the years, the makeup of makeup, has changed considerably, and so has its purpose.


What used to be a product solely for woman to highlight and enhance their features is now more then that. Cosmetic companies have worked hard to develop products that can also be used by men and women to cover facial differences. These amazing corrective cosmetic products have come a long way. Gone is the heavy thick look and feel of cosmetics and their orangey appearance. Gone is the streaking when applying or sweating. Gone is the obvious look that some makeup gives, thus eliminating men from wearing it. We now have some great products. Products when applied, appear as natural skin tone, thus making them a unisex product.

After all, Hollywood has used cosmetics forever, with much success I might add. It is about time the same concept used in Hollywood has finely come to our aid. The concepts being, to hide, cover and transform a person's appearance.


A couple years ago, I attended a weeklong enhancement class, presented by Barbara Quayle and The Phoenix Society. At this class, we were taught the application of makeup to hide facial differences. We were taught how to make eyebrows, where there weren't any; we were taught how to make lips that were disfigured. We did makeovers on burn survivors; both men and women and the results were amazing. We did a man who was burned fighting a forest fire. His face was burned and had that angry red color that we survivors so often have. After determining his flesh tone we applied the product to his face, the results were truly amazing. He said this is the first time he has seen his face look like that since the fire; this is the face he remembered. Everyone we did in that class, left us feeling as though they had a new lease on life. They now felt they could, once again, go out in public without being stared at.

Now granted, this is not to say, that the scars were totally hidden, as Barbara told us, we visually see people from a certain distance, in other words, if someone is in your face, the scars would become more visual.

If you have a facial difference, I strongly recommend looking into the use of cosmetics. There are many good products out there. You might start by getting in touch with The Phoenix Society.