Restoration of Eye Brows, Eye Liner and Lips

By: Carol Packman

Permanent Makeup Artist


Prior to your evaluation, I always take a medical history to determine if there are any contra-indications. I always consult with your physician prior to the application of permanent makeup. This helps me to have a full understanding of your medical background.

During the first consultation, we discuss and determine the shape, color, technique and sensitivity relating to pigment and topical anesthetics. In order to make the best determination, I need to have before and after pictures of you. This gives me a guide for our future work.

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Steps To Creating a Brow

Eye Brow Restoration

If you have any brow hair at all it will lend dimension to your brow. Do not pluck or shave your brow before I see you. I will draw on the shape so you can approve the design. We will look at several colors that I think will work for you. Once we determine the appropriate color, I will place several hair strokes, or shading, into one brow and let it heal for four to six weeks. This is a very important step. As the tissue heals and the pigment settles into the skin, changes occur. Ultimately you will be looking through the skin at the pigment. Everyone's skin tone is different and in all cases we want to see the healed color. The test result will help us decide if this is the correct color and technique. In some cases a second test may be required. The healed color may vary from one part of the brow to another depending on the scar tissue. The next step is to do the full set of brows. Brows must be healed for at least six weeks. After the six-week healing process is complete, I will review the brows and go over any areas that may have faded. In order to achieve a realistic appearance, in particular with hair strokes, it takes 2-3 appointments to give the brow the appearance of dimension. When I see you I will explain how this is achieved. Depending on the scar tissue, results and technique will vary.

Eyeliner Definition:

Eye Restoration

I will draw on a sample eyeliner for you to review and for the two of us to discuss. You have the option of having just the upper liner or both the upper and lower liner. I will place a small dot of pigment in the upper lid to test for sensitivity relating to pigment and topical anesthetics. An allergic reaction is rare but it is very important to do the test before the full eyeliner is created. Generally

Lip Restoration

we wait one week after the allergy test before I perform the complete procedure. You will have full approval of the design at the time we do the procedure. We let this heal for at least four to six weeks depending on the scarring, and then do any touch up that might be needed. Once again, depending on scar tissue, results will vary.

Steps To Defining Your Lips:

I will draw the shape of the upper and lower lips for your approval. If you have ever had herpes or a cold sore on your lips, at any time during your life, you must be on an anti-herpes medication each time I see you. We will discuss color and once we have determined the color that will work for you, I will place a small sample into your lip and let it heal for four to six weeks. This is a very important step. After it heals, we will review the results and decide if we need to make any adjustments or do a second test. Next, I will perform the full lip procedure and let it heal for six weeks. After the lips have healed, there is always a second touch up appointment. Outlining the lip and shading color into the body of the lip always looks best. Again, the results will vary depending on the scar tissue.

You will be given complete instructions on aftercare for each type of procedure.

Permanent makeup is a process, but well worth the time invested. I am committed to restoring and enhancing your features.

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