Sweet Lei Lani Cosmetics Feedback

By: Cindy Valavanis

My Experience With Using Sweet Lei Lani Cosmetics

I started using the Sweet Lei Lani foundation, and the pressed powder last week. When I first put it on, the Sweet Lei Lain reminded me of Max Factor and Cover Girl, which is the other makeup I have used. The Max Factor and Cover Girl comes in a tube and is less expensive.

After having Sweet Lei Lani's make-up on for a while, I realized that it does last all day. That is extremely positive. The problem is that I must remember to put enough of the make-up on around my eyes so it covers the red spots. I didn't have to use a considerable amount of Clinique and Cabots in order to cover the red spots around my eyes. The other positive feedback about Sweet Lei Lani's cosmetics is that it does not feel heavy or look artificial like other make-ups do.

I would not recommend this make up to other burn survivors and would not order it because even though I liked it, I find the other make-up I have used lasts a longer time between purchases. Another reason is that the tube it comes in makes the make-up hard to get out once it is approximately half way used. It also does not come with a mirror to be able to apply it anywhere or a sponge to apply it with. I feel that if it did come with a mirror and a sponge people would probably be more willing to spend the money to purchase it.

I felt that the color was a bit light for my skin since I generally use a foundation that is at least one shade darker and I believe that I told Lei Lani this.

Now that you've heard about my experience with Sweet Lei Lani Cosmetics you can decide for yourself.