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BSTTW is always in need of items that burn survivors and their family members are in need of in order to rebuild their lives. BSTTW is also in need of items and services that the organization and it's volunteers can use in order to offer the services needed to burn survivors and their family members. BSTTW accept items that families, corporations, foundations, governments, schools, militaries and universities, are willing to donate. We are in need of automobiles (cars & motorcycles), bicycles, cell phones, clothes, computers (laptop & desktops), printers, printer supplies, office equipment, office furniture, office supplies, toys, DVD's, CD's, music, televisions, pictures, kitchen items, home furniture, land, a home to have our office and a place for burn survivors and family members to live after they lost their home in a fire and do not have a place to live. BSTTW offers online conferences, education, information, medications, medical referrals, medical treatment, support, the BSTTW Online Community and friendship to a burn survivor world wide who is still working towards recovery and needs support reentering their community. With your donations the burn survivor will have a much better and happier path to his/her recovery.

You might also like to donate an item that will be auctioned off at the yearly BSTTW Rebuilding Lives eBay Auction that is from November 15 through December 15. To learn more about the yearly BSTTW Rebuilding Lives eBay Auction how you can donate and/or purchase items you should go to http://www.burnsurvivorsttw.org/auction/rebuildlives.html.

All donated items are needed and appreciated. If you would like to donate an item to BSTTW please mail the item to the address below.

Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.
16193 Lone Star Ranch Drive #102
Conroe, Texas 77302

If you have large items that need to be picked up or stored or you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Michael Appleman, CEO of Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. by telephone at 936-483-9014, by email at or fill out the Donation Request E-Form below and submit it to BSTTW.

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