BSTTW 2020 Funding Drive

Michael Appleman, CEO

Since I founded BSTTW in August 2001, this international non profit organization has been offering support, education, funding, medical and legal referrals, medical supplies and free medical treatment to individuals who suffer a burn injury.


Each day over 3000 individuals from around the world suffer a burn injury. Many of these individuals do not have the finances and/or the medical insurance needed to receive medical treatment and recover from the severe injury.

As a burn survivor, founder and CEO of BSTTW I ask you to please help BSTTW continue rebuilding the lives of individuals who have suffered a burn injury, their family members who are going through the emotional trauma, to educate the public about the different ways they can support a burn survivor who lives in their community and to teach our children, families, corporations, organizations and groups about fire safety. With you financial and volunteer support BSTTW can remain ready for anyone who needs our support. You can learn more about BSTTW by reviewing our internet site at To learn the different ways you can donate to BSTTW online and see the in order to help us continue to educate and rebuild the lives of the current and future burn surivors, their family members, and educate the public about fire safety and how they can help a burn survivor reenter their community please go to Anyone who would like to donate to BSTTW using a credit card should go to

You can learn about donating items to BSTTW by going to

To learn more about becoming a BSTTW Volunteer you should go to

The BSTTW 2020 Funding Drive is in need of $150,000.00. BSTTW is currently in need of at least one or two cars, preferably an SUV or Van and automobile insurance. The funds raised for 2019 will also be used to help purchase at least one car and automobile insurance for the BSTTW . The car will be used to drive around the United States to conferences, hospitals, burn units, burn survivor homes and other places to see, offer friendship, one on one support to both the burn survivors and their family members. The funds will also be used to help burn survivors pay for medical expenses, clothes, food, the BSTTW Healing Weekend, BSTTW Advertising and upgrade the BSTTW internet site.

With your financial and volunteer support BSTTW will continue to offer a peer support team, education, advocacy, medical referrals, finances, a free medical treatment program, medical equipment, legal referrals, healing weekends, fire safety education and public awareness.

You can mail you donation to BSTTW at:

Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.
16193 Lone Star Ranch Drive
Conroe, Texas 77302

Or donate on line at:

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For support or to find out more about how you can help BSTTW contact the us at 936-483-9014.