BSTTW Joins eBay Giving Works

By: Michael Appleman, CEO

In November 2003 BSTTW decided to join Mission Fish in order to begin our funding drive on the eBay Charity Works project.

The eBay Charity Works project is a new and exciting internet donation auction for organizations and the public to sell items, donate percentages of the sale and raise funds for non profit organizations.


Daily over three thousand individuals suffer a burn injury. When an individual suffers a burn injury their life and their family members lives change forever. Most communities do not have a burn unit or a support group. They need the medical supplies and equipment, support team, advocacy and education that BSTTW offers.

Most burn survivors do not know what their future will be like. For some they will have to fight insecurities, deal with pain both physical and psychological, future surgeries, physical and occupational therapy and financial issues. A burn survivor usually wonders how others will ever understand what life is like. With your help through donations and volunteer work, a burn survivor and their family members can get the help needed to rebuild their lives.

BSTTW contacted over one thousand of the sellers on eBay. We requested that they sell on the eBay Charity Works and donate a percentage of their winning bid to BSTTW. Many eBay sellers decided to donate to BSTTW. This did not only help the burn survivor community, it also increased public awareness of their company.

Several of the companies that donated to BSTTW have stated that their company sales have increased and customers have asked them when the next donation sale to BSTTW will take place on eBay. The public around the world is reaching out to the burn survivor community.

By donating the funds needed to BSTTW, we are able to continue offering what is needed to help burn victims rebuild their lives. BSTTW requests that all of you reading this article think about donating a percentage of your sales on eBay. We also request that you inform family, friends and co-workers. All individuals, companies, governments and organizations that offer support volunteer work and funding to BSTTW is taking part in doing God's work; helping individuals and family members that suffer a burn injury rebuild their lives. You will also be taking part in helping firefighters and BSTTW offer public awareness on fire safety and how they can assist a burn survivor in reentering their community.