By: Michael Appleman, CEO



A % of the eBay auctions will be donated to BSTTW. The Worldwide Women Artists Organization (WWAO) has over 100 members. BSTTW has been working with this group for over 1 year. Several of the WWAO members have family members who are burn survivors. That has been a very large reason why WWAO decided to have BSTTW as the first non profit organization taking part in the eBay Fund Raising Auction. Laura Iverson a very talented painter and representative for WWAO informed me 6 months ago that WWAO was delaying their opening eBay Fund Raising Auction due to the fact that the Mission Fish internet site was not running at 100% and eBay said they were working on updating their site in order to make things easier for the eBay Giving Works Program. Several weeks ago eBay completed the upgrades and Laura Iverson from the WWAO contacted me. Laura asked me if BSTTW would be interested in taking part in their first eBay Giving Works Donation Auction. I asked Laura a few questions and then informed her that BSTTW would like to take part in the first WWAO/eBay Giving Works Donation Auction and future auctions.

From June 7-June 21, 2005 the World Wide Women Artists Group, eBay and Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW) will have a very special Fund Raising Auction called the Beauty for Ashes Charity Art Auction. A percentage of all the sales during those dates will be donated to BSTTW. This is a very exciting time for everyone involved. eBay is the top on line auction company. Several years ago eBay decided to begin offering the eBay Giving Works. This was created to allow companies and individuals who are selling items on eBay to offer a % of their sales to a non profit organization.

Laura Iverson

During 2004, Laura Iverson found BSTTW on Mission Fish and decided to not only learn more about the organization, she also started donating a % of her eBay sale to BSTTW. Laura Iverson, is a fantastic painters and a member of the Worldwide Women Artists organization. Laura informed BSTTW that she and the Worldwide Women Artists Organization are waiting for eBay to fix their giving works progam and Mission Fish. Once that was completed the organization would begin a fund raising organization and she would contact BSTTW. At the beginning of May 2005, I received an email from Laura asking me if BSTTW is still interested in working with the Worldwide Women Artists Organization and eBay Giving Works. I immediately said yes and we began working together to make this event happen. The artists decided that they would begin auctioning items on eBay a few weeks before the event. You can find a list of the current eBay donation sales for BSTTW by going to BSTTW Auctions

BSTTW asks you all to take part in this event. With your help and the help of eBay and the fantastic members at the Worldwide Women Artists Organization the funds raised from this event will be used by BSTTW to continue the work needed to rebuild the lives of people who suffer a burn injury, their family members and fire safety education.