Escaping A Fire

It is very important for you, your family and workers to prepare for a fire. We never know if it will happen to you. Individuals and families who do not prepare a plan and practice has a much higher risk of suffering a burn injury and/or dyeing. Every month at your business and home there should be a practice drill. During this drill you must react as if there is a fire and do what is needed in order to survive. Below is a list of what you should do in order to escape a fire.

  1. Have an escape plan. The family should discuss and rehearse escape plans. Know two exits from any room in the house. If this is work related the company must also prepare in case of a fire.
  2. Before you open a door, you must feel the door to see if it is hot or not. If the doorknob or door is hot, do not use that exit. Use your alternate exit to escape.
  3. Once the door is open, you must crawl on the floor. Smoke from a fire rises and so does the temperature. If you crawl on the floor there will be less smoke and the heat from the fire will be less severe.
  4. The family should meet at a prearranged spot outside the home. This will make it easier for everyone to meet outside and to know if everyone is safe or not.
  5. Call the fire department from your mobile phone or a neighbor's home. Be prepared to give your full name and address to the operator. Stay on the line until the operator has all of the information needed.
  6. Do not go back inside a burning home or building. You should not reenter the house for any reason. It may be very difficult for you to wait for the firefighters if a family member and/or friend is still inside the burning home or building. Remember that the firemen will arrive very soon. They are know if and how to reenter the building or home and have special gear and fire equipment that give them a much better chance of saving lives and getting back out.