Cutting Your Lawn and Thermal Burns

By: Michael Appleman


When cutting your lawn you must take care when fueling your equipment in order to help prevent a burn injury.

More than one individual or lawn mower professional have found suffered a burn injury. There have been times when an individual who has a small percentage of lawn remaining and you run out of fuel. You want to finish the job and move on. So you grab the gas can and quickly fill the tank in the lawn mower. The gas sloshed out of the container and the fuel falls all over the hot parts of the lawnmower. Before you know it the gas caught on fire and the individual suffers a major burn injury and is rushed to the hospital.

The reason why this happened is because the individual was in a rush, he/she was not careful and the gas got on the hot areas of the lawnmower. The individual should have taken a few minute brake and allowed the engine to cool down before adding the fuel. This would have helped to prevent the fire and the burn injury. When filling the gas tank in your lawn mower you should also use a funnel in order to help prevent spilling gas onto the engine.

Reduce Your Risk of a Thermal Burn By Using the Following Tip:

   1. If you have to clean out a clogged area in your lawn mower, you should first turn off the engine and allow the engine to cool down. It is important that you wear gloves and use a stick. Do not use bare hands.
   2. Do not remove a radiator cap when the engine is warm. Allow the engine to cool down.
   3. Use proper guards and shields to keep your body away from hot equipment.
   4. Always store your fuel in an approved container. Check the container periodically to make sure it is clean and in good condition.
   5. Disconnect the spark plug before you work on the engine. This will prevent the engine from turning on.
   6. Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes when cutting your lawn. This can help to prevent your clothes from touching the hot surfaces and catching on fire. Also change your clothes if fuel gets on them.

By being careful you can prevent a thermal burn injury and becoming a burn survivor or worse dying.