BSTTW Funding Drive

By: Michael Appleman, CEO


Back in May 1999 I suffered 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree burns to my face, neck, hand, legs, ankles and feet. For two years I was in and out of hospitals, nursing homes, had surgeries, major medical issues and emotional trauma. During that time I due to the severe burns to my legs and several strokes and heart attacks, I was unable to walk for two years. After a great deal of medical treatment, rehabilitation and prayers to God I was lucky enough to walk again. During that recovery period I began a support group on the internet for burn survivors and family members. Then in August 2001 I founded Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW) and began raising the finances, volunteers, medical and other supplies, medical equipment and medical treatment needed to help burn survivors from around the world receive the help needed to rebuild their lives and rejoin their community. BSTTW is currently working in Africa, Argentina, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, Tanzania, the UK and the United States. In the United States, BSTTW has offices in Florida and Texas.

Before I suffered the burn injury, I was not aware how traumatic a burn injury is to both the burn victim and their family members. Each day over 3000 individuals from around the world suffer a burn injury. Many of these individuals do not have the finances and/or the medical insurance needed to receive medical treatment and recover from the severe injury. These burn survivors, their family members and other representatives contact BSTTW inform us of their needs and request our support. As an international 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization, it is BSTTW's responsibility to raise the funding, supplies, volunteers and support teams needed to help these individuals in need. The way we can reach our goals is to receive the donations from individuals, companies, organizations, foundations, militaries and governments. Your donations are tax deductable to the extent of the United States Tax Laws; Federal Tax ID #94-3403785. All types of donations are extreamly important in helping us rebuild the lives of burn survivors and family members around the world. BSTTW does not just need monetary donations, we also need, automobiles, wheel chairs, electric wheel chairs, clothes, medical equipment and supplies, medications, office equipment, books, etc..

BSTTW has found that many individuals, families and companies wait until a fire and/or burn injury touches them personally, a loved one or friend before they realize how important BSTTW's work is. As a burn survivor, founder and CEO of BSTTW I ask you to not wait and begin supporting BSTTW today. You never know when this type of traumatic event will touch you. With you financial and volunteer support BSTTW can remain ready for anyone who needs our support. You can learn more about BSTTW by going to our internet site at If you would like to donate to BSTTW go to To learn more about becoming a BSTTW Volunteer you should go to

With your financial and volunteer support BSTTW will continue to offer a peer support team, education, advocacy, medical referrals, finances, a free medical treatment program, medical equipment, legal referrals, healing weekends, fire safety education and public awareness.

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For support you can contact the BSTTW Support Team on the internet at BSTTW Support Team E-Form. If it is an emergency you can contact BSTTW by telephone at 936-483-9014 or on the internet at the BSTTW Emergency E-Form. or by telephone at 936-483-9014.

If you have any questions you can always contact BSTTW by telephone at 936-483-9014 or on the internet by filling out and submitting the BSTTW Questions E-Form.