BSTTW E-List Email Ground Rules

Welcome to the Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW) E-Lists. BSTTW offers several different E-Lists. The BSTTW E-List is not moderated. The BSTTW Auctions E-List, BSTTW News Update E-List, the BSTTW Volunteer E-List, the BSTTW Viet Nam E-List are moderated. Below are the BSTTW E-List Email Ground Rules. These ground rules relate to every BSTTW E-List and all BSTTW E-List Members.

BSTTW E-List Ground Rules

         - NOT All BSTTW E-Lists are moderated. If you are member of one of the non-moderated BSTTW E-Lists you
will be able to send emails without the emails being moderated. If you break any of the rules of the BSTTW E-Lists and you are not removed immediately you will be moderated. If several people break the rules of the BSTTW E-List within a 30 day period all current and future members of that BSTTW E-List will be moderated for a 3 month period before the BSTTW E-List Moderators will decide if the emails may be sent without being moderated.
         - If you do not respect the rules of the BSTTW E-Lists you will either be removed from all of the BSTTW E-Lists or moderated. If you have been doing this for an extended period of time the member will be removed and not allowed to rejoin any of the BSTTW E-Lists.
        - All of the BSTTW E-Lists are available in order to offer burn survivors, family members, caregivers, nurses, doctors and firefighters the friendship and support required to move forward after being involved in a burn injury.
        - All Emails that are posted all of the BSTTW E-Lists are private. Do not forward any of these private emails to another E-List, individual, company or anyone else outside of the BSTTW E-List. If that occurs and BSTTW finds out you will immediately be removed from all BSTTW E-Lists you belong to and blocked from being allowed on any and all BSTTW E-Lists.
        - Anyone who has a genuine interest in burn injuries is welcome to join the BSTTW E-Lists.
        - The BSTTW E-List Members are multi-cultural, multi-national, and of every race, creed and sexual orientation. Please respect everyone's differences.
        - In all of the BSTTW E-Lists BSTTW DOES NOT ALLOW any Political Issues.
        - You do not have to respond or post any messages to any of the BSTTW E-Lists that you are a member of in order to remain on and any of the BSTTW E-Lists.
        - You are not allowed to have grievances on all BSTTW E-Lists.
        - As human beings we all have our own feelings. In the BSTTW E-Lists and in life our thoughts should not to be judged. All members are not to post responses that can be expressed as if you feel someone else's ideas, feelings or thoughts are right or wrong. BSTTW has found that it is useful to offer thoughtful support and respectful suggestions about how you got through a similar rough spot or would handle it if you were that person who was in that position.
        - NO Judgments on the BSTTW E-List are allowed.
        - The BSTTW E-List is not a place to promote organizations, causes or solicit funds. BSTTW is willing to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations. If a member of the BSTTW E-List has asked for information, a referral or support that your nonprofit organization can help out with you should send the information to the BSTTW E-List Moderator at and request that the BSTTW E-List Moderators review the email and release the information to the BSTTW E-List so the burn survivors and/or family members can get the help needed.
        - DO NOT Post Spam Related Information.
        - DO NOT Offer Medical Advice. That should be left for discussion between the patient and his/her doctor.
        - DO NOT Post any Sexual related information.
        - DO NOT Post any vulgarity or information that is offensive in nature.
        - Send your grievances in private emails not in the BSTTW E-Lists. You can also send your grievances to the BSTTW E-List Moderators at .
        - REMEMBER any and all posts to the BSTTW E-List that do not meet the BSTTW E-List Email Ground Rules may be deleted without any clarification.

BSTTW offers the BSTTW Support Team that is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies and to offer support, education and advocacy. You can contact the BSTTW Support Team by filling out the BSTTW Support Team E-Form at or you can call BSTTW Support Team at 936-647-2256 or toll free at 866-712-6164.

If you have any questions or suggestions please Email them to BSTTW at .

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