BSTTW Burn Survivor Community Sites

BSTTW offers all burn survivors, family members, burn unit staff, firefighters and volunteers, who are BSTTW Registered Members (BSTTW RM), the availability to create their own free web site on the BSTTW Burn Survivor Community Sites (BSTTW BSCS). The BSTTW BSCS's offers each member up to 3 internet pages and 10 uploaded pictures and/or graphics. The web pages and pictures become the property of BSTTW. The URL to your internet pages will be automatically added to the BSTTW BSCS Home Page and after reviewing your new site, if your new site meets the BSTTW requirements, BSTTW will add your home page to the BSTTW Stories List and the internet search engines. You can find out more about the BSTTW BSCS on your BSTTW RM Home Page.

To become a BSTTW Member and take the next step in joining the BSTTW BSCS go to BSTTW Membership E-Form fill out the e-form and send it electronically to BSTTW.

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