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BSTTW offers members and non members a support team on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, advocacy, medical referrals, weekly scheduled and emergency chats, education, an internet site filled with a lot of information and more in order to help you continue to reach your goals in order to recover.

When you become a BSTTW Member, you will not only be added to the BSTTW E-List and the BSTTW News Update E-List, you will automatically have your profile added to the BSTTW Members Profile (BSTTW MP).

The BSTTW MP allows you to update your profile, upload three pictures to share with other members, meet others from the burn survivor community, send emails and chat with other members. The following information, on your profle, will be available for other BSTTW Members to read: your username, first and last names, country you live in, age, gender, marital status, occupation, WBC information, your home page, membership type, percentage burned, type of burn, what age you were when you suffered the burn injury, the hospitals and burn units you were in, your suggestions and your personal story. All other information is private and only seen by BSTTW.

BSTTW also offers to all burn survivors and family members that are BSTTW Registered Members, the availability to create their own web site on the BSTTW Burn Survivor Community Sites (BSTTW BSCS). The BSTTW BSCS's offers each member up to 3 internet pages and 10 uploaded pictures and/or graphics. By having your own internet pages, you, other burn survivors and family members, can express what occurred in your life or a family members life after suffering a burn injury, find others who have suffered a burn injury, and help rebuild lives. The web pages and pictures become the property of BSTTW. The URL to your internet pages will be automatically added to the BSTTW BSCS Home Page and after reviewing your new site, if your new site meets the BSTTW requirements, BSTTW will add your home page to the BSTTW Stories List and the internet search engines.

Once you become a BSTTW Member, you can sign in and get all the information needed to update your profile, look at other profiles and create you personal web pages in the BSTTW BSCS.

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