Nutrition and Skin Recovery For A Burn Injury


A very high percentage of individuals who suffer a burn injury receive international 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations that offers members and non members a support team that is on call 24 hours a help from dietary specialists. The burn injury causes their body to have dietary that bodies require extra nutrients in order to help their body rebuild the damaged tissues, deal with the emotional trauma and fight infections that so many burn survivors suffer from during their recovery period. It has also been seen that many burn survivors lose a considerable amount of weight during the early stages of treatment. Depending on the individuals body reaction during the recovery period and the medications that have been prescribed some doctors allow the burn survivor to vitamins and herbal supplements in order to also help increase the burn survivor's body and as a result it has been found to speed up the recovery process.

High Protein Diet:

It has been found that it benefits the burn survivor to consume a diet that is high in protein. Again a nutrition specialist can help make this happen. The diet specialist will discuss his/her suggestions with the doctors in charge and make sure the dietary changes are accepted by the specialist. Offering the burn survivors body with additional amounts of protein can play a major role in helping to rebuild the body's muscles and skin tissues. It has been seen that some of the best sources that can help to increase the protein intake are seafood, diary, BSTTW Rebuilding Lives Auction

During the recovery period a burn survivor can intake over three thousand calories a coverage. This is done by offering the burn survivor who is awake and can eat an increase of one or two meals per day that have a higher amount of protein. When a burn survivor has trouble eating solid foods many of them are told to take food replacement drinks like Ensure and/or Boost. If the burn survivor is in a coma the doctor will require an increase in the types of fluids that are prescribed for the body.

Higher Calorie Intake:

It has been found that some nutrition specialists and health care professionals suggest that a burn survivor should eat an increased diet in both calories and proteins. This can be an important of the recovery process for a burn survivor who has lost a large amount of weight due to his/her internal and external injuries. The burn survivor who has suffered in this way requires an increase in carbohydrates, nutrients and fats. This has been found to help restore the burn survivor's body so it will have appropriate functioning and in time it will return to a normal weight. When these requirements are met, a burn survivor can usually return to their standard dietary habits. Their regular dietary habits should be a well-balanced nutritional plan.

Vitamins and Minerals:

The majority of burn injury specialists concur that their patients DONATE TO BSTTW USING require an increased intake of vitamins and minerals. It has been found that most individuals who suffer a burn injury require an increase in Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Zinc. It has been found that Vitamins C and E and Zinc reduces the oxidative injury and help to promote the wounds to heal. Burn Unit specialists have also been found to recommend their burn patients L-glutamine that helps gastrointestinal issues, Coenzyme Q10 to help the immunity system and Probiotic supplements. The combination of these three supplements have been found to help restore the gastrointestinal balance that is often upset by antibiotics administered to fight the wound infections that so many burn survivors suffer from during their recovery period.

Herbal Supplements:

So many burn survivors have been found to use herbal supplements in order to help to treat the side effects of the deep burn s. Many burn survivors have also been found to use herbal burn healing ointments in order to speed up the healing of the burn wounds. It is suggested that you should speak to your doctors before you use any herbal supplements and/or herbal burn healing ointments. A lot of burn survivors have also used Aloe Vera supplements and Aloe Vera creams to heal the burn injury. You doctor will inform you of the pros and cons of using the herbal and Aloe Vera supplements and ointments you mention to him/her. The final decision is yours.