Holistic Healing Part II

By: Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, LMHC

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Here are a few of the essential oils used for dealing with stress, trauma and related symptoms.

Also Good For:
stress, and nervous tension
PMS, indigestion (use tea), and anxiety
calming, relaxation
releases locked up anger and frustration, anxiety, aphrodisiac, and emotional trauma
mild sedative
swollen eyes, puffiness, insomnia, Anorexia, PMS, and anxiety
uplifting calming and refreshing effects sedative, jet lag, calming, and concentration
muscular aches, viral infections, jet lag, coughs ad colds, and cleansing after arguments
cooling, awakening, head clearing jet lag, consciousness stimulation, Concentration, overeating

How To Use Essential Oils

Aromatherapy can be diffused through the air, or inhaled. The body absorbs oils fastest through inhalation, and second fastest though application to the feet or rim of the ears, called KEEP UP TO DATE ON UPCOMING BSTTW AUCTIONS uricular therapy. It is believed that the nerve endings in the feet and ears are connected to the nerve endings in internal organs.

The only contradictions to using aromatherapy are if you have skin allergies, are pregnant, especially with complications, or suffer from mental illness since some scents can trigger negative reactions. And never ever, drink or swallow the oils. They are ineffective and toxic if consumed.

Laughter and Healing

On a final complementary note, there's nothing like a good laugh to know you're feeling better and on your way to recovery. Laughter is one of the best indicators of health. I know when I am recovered from a stressful event when I can laugh again. I also use this measurement with stress, traumatized and depressed clients. When they smile, I smile. I know things are getting better. How about you? Does your face and spirit reflect joy and happiness? Are you ready to laugh again? Dave Grotto, RD, oncology nutrition expert, and humorist offers the following tips, ones he has used with terminally ill cancer patients as a means of stimulating happy hormones, good spirits regardless of the circumstances.

When Will I Laugh Again

Dave Grotto, RD and humorist offers the following thoughts regarding laughter and your health.

Humor and laughter serve as excellent coping mechanisms even through the most difficult times of our lives-even help us through tragedy. Bill Cosby once said… If you can laugh at it, you can survive it! Research has demonstrated that Mirthful laughter, defined as a real belly laugh, has been demonstrated through research to mimic the benefits of aerobic activity. Mirthful laughter enhances immune function; specifically NK cell activity increases. Those who self reported depression had lower NK cell function. Laughter reduces stress by providing a physical release of tension. Laughter reduces pain. Dr. Lee Berk, a leading researcher in humor and laughter therapy, found that anticipating a humorous event alone could reduce depression, confusion, anger, tension and fatigue. This same researcher found that there were sustained effects of laughter and humor therapy long after the laughing stopped as evidenced in improved immune biomarkers and decrease cortisol levels.

In summary, nutrition sets the foundation for recovery, while complementary techniques can enhance the nutritive value you absorb and retain from your foods. During your recovery you can use prayer, aromatherapy and laughter as means towards accelerating the healing process and reaching your final destiny of holistic health.

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