By: Michael Appleman

On May 23, 1988 Bill's life was tried
His truck got out of control But as he learned
God stayed by his side.

Bill made it out of the fire And he fought to stay alive
Keeping his body moving
As others helped him fight to survive.

He made it to the hospital
Were the team knew
He would arrive
And they gave Bill the chance to survive.

So today Bill is helping others
To see the life they can share
Knowing that new Burn Survivors
Will learn that he is there.
May 30, 1998
By: Michael Appleman

After the fire got out of control
Almost everything was in its way
I woke up
To the heat, smoke and flames.

I knew the danger
And that I could not stay
I wanted to save my body
So I got out of Hells' way.

Reentering for the water
Is what I did that day
I used it to kill the flames
And then I got away.

Forcing my legs to move
And not stopping was the way
Knowing LIFE is so important
Jesus Christ saved me that day.

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