Burn Survivors
By: Michael Appleman

At the time that it happened
We wanted to know why it was meant to be,
Sticking to survival it had to be
Not knowing what the future would be,
As time went by
We learned how bad it could be,
Not giving up on recovery
For most was hard but again meant to be,
Negative times were and for many are still happening
But we must learn to let positive hope and support take over,
Since we will not quit
More goals are meant to be,
Many do not understand the way survival had and has to be
Except for Burn Survivors and the people who work and stand by them

This was Donated to and Printed in the Phoenix Society For Burn Survivors, Inc. Newsletter 2000 Issue 1


By: Michael Appleman

When the flames begin
Our life is on the line
So we must use the tools we have
To do the best to stay alive.

If the heat and fire
Temporarily take control of our life
We must do everything we can
To put it out at the site.

The medical and emotional trauma
That comes into our lives
Causes the fight to be rough
But with love and support we will survive.

The doctors who understand
The Burn Survivors needs
Will communicate in a way
That puts the Burn Survivor at ease.

Finally excepting the new life
For some is hard to do
But with loving friends and family
Burn Survivors find the way to make it through.


Copyright © Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.