Education For Burn Survivors

By: Michael Appleman

From the first minute
A New Burn Survivors' life has changed
The body will never be the same.

Physical is the external help we need
For some Burn Survivors in our World
They must fight to get all so we see

Repairing and Rebuilding a life
Requires people who care
Trauma creates a person that was not there.

Inside of us we know
Who we are remains
But finding it again is hard work each day.

Flashbacks come and go
It can last so long
Will others understand that we try to be strong?

Many in the World do see
That a Burn Survivor is brave
And various Burn Survivors can teach others the way to be.

Each Day

By: Michael Appleman

Each day is special
Some things that happen are unknown
So life is important
Enjoyment is the goal,

Loosing the happiness
That could have been known
Can cause our existence
Not to reach the best zone,

So lets love and be loved
Reaching out to new and old friends
And lets live our life as happy as we can
Before we must meet the maker and our main man.

World Burn Congress 2000

By: Michael Appleman

The reunion for some
A new time for others
Meeting old and making new friends
An education that helps us grow.

With support groups the tears and hugs
Are allowed to let show
By supporting each other
Our feelings are safe to let go.

During the free time that we have
We find different types of enjoyment
Even Non Burn Survivors involved
Want their love to be sent

The goodbyes they hurt and the reunions are a must
E-mails, letters, cards, calls and chats
Keeps us joined together
Allowing us to hold the belief forever
That God's gift, LIFE, was given and will be with us forever.