The Will To Live
By: Michael Appleman

A Burn Survivor may not first see
The beauty left for he or she
Since medically and psychologically not being free
The beauty they cannot see

Accepting that their life has changed
And it will be rearranged
Soon the happiness appears
And we all share the happy tears


Today & Tomorrow
By: Michael Appleman

Living for today
It helps you survive
By remembering today
Brings tomorrows drive.

No matter what we say
Life is a must
How we enjoy it
Gives us our thrust.

Lets live life together
And keep it in gear
Making sure we try
To do this around the sphere.
The Days
By: Michael Appleman

How long is the day?
Why must I stay?
Others are free
When will I be?

The body is in pain
It also does not look the same
How long must I remain?
I will win this game.

God stands by me
My prayers I say to thee
Others look and see
My beliefs keep me free


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