Aaron's First Anniversary
By: Michael Appleman

Aaron on April 30, 1999
A very young boy
Was scared on his body
But on that day he did not die.

His Mother and Father
Are doing everything to help him know
With all their love
That he is still to grow.

Each day he is in the home he needs
The place where he will stay
And be with
Mom and Dad who he always needs.

So we must also see
That these families need us all
Without such people
Our children will fall.
Anna Beth
By: Michael Appleman

On April 24, 1999 this young girl
Had hot water get in her way
The body was burned
But this one also stayed.

Her Mother had problems
Due to that day
But she never gave up
And Anna Beth is home to stay.

The care Mom has
And the love she gives
Will help keep her daughter
Happy each and every day.

We all are happy
For the progress Anna Beth makes
In her life she will teach
Many the safer way.

Copyright © Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.