Loving People
By: Michael Appleman

At times they are hard to find
You do not have to be the same kind.

This comes from your heart, soul and mind
So these next connections you must bind.

God-Jesus Christ, Mary, the Holy Spirit, the angels and the Saints combined
Will be with these people all of the time.

So enjoy your friends that are open and honest
And enjoy every day you are alive.

The true friends you have today
Will never be far behind.

Working Together
By: Michael Appleman

Mounting up with wings like eagles is a special way
It means fellowship and energy,

With the natural instinct we believe
This is for who ever shall let it be,

By finding this way of existing
God-Jesus Christs' love will endure,

And we will discover true joy
In addition to sharing it forever more.

Jesus Christ He Loves Me
By: Michael Appleman

The night of the fire
I had no fear
Jesus Christ was with me
That was clear.

While the flames were spreading
The water was in its way
So I reached inside
The flames stayed away.

As Jesus Christ carried me
I wound up far away
This is why I know
Jesus Christ saved my body and soul his way.

Copyright © Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.