When Time Froze
By: David N. Kuyper

It seems to me that no one knows
Why wind blows or why time flows
Why the moon glows or why the road forks in the path we chose...
Well, when time froze I felt uplifted
I stood still as the earth turned and twisted
The sands have shifted my girls face I missed it
All I can remember is the last time I kissed it
Then thoughts shifted and pencil I was given
A utensil to show how thankful I'm livin
The warmth of others kept me alive inside
No matter the hardships, no matter what, I survive
The only thing was sin in my life that burned up and died
I never judged a book by its cover
And now I discovered a wonder myself
I pledge to never surrender or be a book left on the shelf
This is my oath to you who have helped me and my family get by
I extend my thanks and love to all of you from deep inside

Copyright © Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW)