World Burn Congress 2000 Poems

The Hills
By: Michael Appleman

When Burn Survival begins
The support is not just from within,

To make it every day
Others have things to say,

No matter how it goes
Our progress will show,

So do not give up the fight
It will all turn out right.

By: Michael Appleman

The music has its story
Which helps to keep us whole
Getting so much from its beauty
While we dance to our goals.

All types of music does it
The singer heals us so
Writers do not know us
But they keep us on the go.

Lets thank them for their stories
And the love they try to show
Keeping the musics' glory
We will never let recovery go.

Body Image
By: Michael Appleman

Our body image
Were does it begin?

Is it outside?
Or is it within?

Everyone has their own answer
And mine will always remain.

The outside beauty comes
From our heart, soul and brain.
World Burn Congress
By: Michael Appleman

Everyone has the experience
How their life quickly changed;

As time goes by they realize
There is so much they gained;

By meeting other Burn Survivors
They see life remains;

Each one cares for the other
Next year lets do it again.
By: Michael Appleman

Releasing your feelings
In the place that is right,
Knowing others around are seeing
Your beauty is insight.

The tears are flowing
As you express the hot flight,
The memories are showing
Being here is just right.

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