WBC 2001: Grand Rapids

By: Michael Appleman

The WBC 2001 is fun
Many things will be done,

Grand Rapids is the place
The Phoenix Society is our grace,

Each year we get together
A family we are forever,

We are glad to see
From the fire we are all free,

The next few days will be
A great time for you and me,

By the time we go home
We will not be alone,

So lets all put out a hand
And sing farewell with the band.
By: Michael Appleman

The first day you were burned
You realized your life turned

Now we all can see
Again the way life is to be

As a team we can believe
It was not our time to leave

So each and every day
We will build the new way

For You and Me
By: Michael Appleman

God is our gift
Prayer can give us a lift,

How will life be?
Our belief in God will help us see,

In and out of prayer we believe
God never wanted us to leave,

So when God sends us the call
Our job will be to help others that fall.
Day or Night
By: Michael Appleman

We all had to go through a fight
No matter if it was day or night

But within our true belief
We began to see more than grief

So remember what you hear
Let it help you fight the fear.

Copyright © Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.