BSTTW Online
By: Angel Vemich

Hello everyone! It's really awesome to find another website that helps
support burn survivors.

Well on May 2nd 2001 I had the worst day of my life. I woke up like any other day, I was supposed to go to work that day at a labor company with my husband so we could make some extra money for rent. My daughter was on my bed a sleep(at the time she was 3 months old)and my son was following me into the shower(he was 18 months). Before we got in I had put a shirt in the clothes dryer to dry so I could wear it that day. After I proceeded to get out of the shower, I noticed a funny smell threw out the house. The entire house was filled with gas. My son went running into the

My scars are my war scars reminding everyday that I fought a battle and won. And I am a survivor!

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