How To Win Despite Being All Burned Up

By: Lita Duckworth

Everyone makes mistakes...


It's what you do afterward that counts like Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW). You have to learn to dust yourself off after being burned. Your burns may look really awful and the brain plays mental tricks on you but we get over our mistakes in time and go on.

To help turn regret into windfall here are some things that helped me. First off you have to stop kicking yourself. Even the greatest performances never go off without a hitch. Instead of getting upset and loosing focus or giving up, remember that mistakes can be used as an opportunity to learn a great deal.

Second, is negative thinking. If you are going to make it then just do it!! Don't let disappointment, anger or frustration cloud your ability to analyze the problem and keep focused. Keeping focused will make you better prepared to find the solution and figure out how to avoid the situation next time.

Remember to stay in the Here And Now

People can live in the past, present, or the future. In most instances almost invariably the best place is to live is in the present. If you think too much in the past or the future you will be likely to miss today's clues and details. Instead focus on packing a punch and getting well right now.

Remember Reflect On What You Did Right


Start off by telling yourself what it is that you did right. Then see if you can figure out what happened that allowed it to go wrong. It is not always necessarily something we did. When mistakes are magnified and positive qualities are minimized it's hard to maintain commitment or over come new challenges. This is very important or we would never get well.

Remember Ditch Perfection


Perfection can cause you to sabotage your excellence and your ability to get well quicker. It is more difficult to move past our failures and find the positive ideas and emotions when we are burned. We must live in the here and now. When we make a mistakes, we should refocus and make the changes needed to use the right decision the next time. As people, we are not going to be perfect, but we can still do our best and share our lives with the people who love us.

It is very important to overcome new challenges and obstacles. By doing so you will be getting stronger everyday. Each and every day everyone will have to face new challenges. Burn Survivors and everyone else has a good chance of getting through the rough spots by having that positive will to live and compassion for our self and others.

Finally, if you are ever feeling blue and you haven't got a clue find a family member, friend, the closest chat stop. Tell us all your hopes and fears concerns. Give yourself and us all a chance to help you. This way you can settle down and get through the night. Remember being a burn survivor is not a perilous flight. I wish you all a safe and comforting journey.