By: Lisa Burt

Hello everyone, My name is Lisa, my story started 30 years ago. I was your typical little 9 year old girl. I loved dancing, playing with dolls and most of all playing dress-up. Enjoyed school a lot and had lots of friends. I was very cute with my long blond hair and my pure soft skin. Everyone thought that my sister and I were twins.


On Dec 25th 1976 at 5:46 am, Christmas morning, my life changed forever! My sister, my brother and I were all sleeping, waiting for Santa to come and getting the Christmas presents we had been dreaming about. Unfortunately he never came. Instead we woke up and found that our house was on fire. This was due to a brand new wood buring stove and too much Christmas wrap and packaging. I don't remember really anything except that my Christmas present was a severe burn injury. Most of what I know about my burn injury and the fire has been told to me by family and fire fighters. I guess I do not remember due to the fact that I suffered such a traumatic.

At this point I would like to tell you about my burn injury. I remember being curled up in a ball at the top of my bed. I fell between my bed and the wall. I was told that this made it very had for the fire men to find me. They could hear my screams but had a very difficult time finding me. My brother was able to get out. My sister was stuck in the fiery home. With the help of God and the firefighters my sister was found and carried out of the house. For me I suffered burns to 56% of my body. From my waist up, I suffered 3rd degree burns. I was taken to Clarkson Hospital where I stayed for one week. At that point I was taken to Shriners Hospital. The doctors at Shriners in Galveston, Texas did their magic and began saving and rebuilding my life. I spent 3 months at Shriners in Galveston. The pain and emotional suffering was like living in hell! I will never in my life time forget the baths, the scrubbings and the debriding of the burned skin. The pain level of the pins that were put in and taken out of my fingers and wrist was so high that I thought it would never end.

I know many of you reading this story have also suffered from the physical and emotional pain. Some of you suffered from less and many of you suffered from more pain. The good news is that we did not shut down and we are still here today. By giving each other support, we can get through anything.

As we all found out, life can be unfair sometimes! I spent years trying to figure out why this happened to me and what I could have done that was so bad that God would let this happen to me! I would cry all the time.

When kids called me names, I would say to myself way don't they understand, don't they know how much I have been through and how long it took me to get where I was at that time in my life. I now know, that they will never ever understand the long road of recovery a burn survivor has to go through. UNTILL THEY GO THROUGH IT THEMSELVES, THEY WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND! That is why we as burn survivors have to open up and tell are stories. Maybe this will help educate them.

I know there are so many burn survivors who are suffering in silent's. This type of burn survivor pushes everyone away. They would rather sit in self pity then face their life with burns! Life is not over just because you are burned! As burn survivors we have to learn to move forward. The burns are on the out side of our body. The truth person is inside and waiting to shine again. Only you can choose to let it out! Please don't lock yourself up and hide from the world. We are our worst enemy! I ask you to think about the following: The outside world can't beat you down any worse then you can beat your self down.

My life now as a burn survivor is pretty good. I have been married now for over 16 years to my high school sweetheart. I love him very much! He is my life! I know he truly loves me for me! He see's things in me that I haven't even found yet. We have six wonderful kids, Tyler who is 15, Chelsey who is 12, Lacey who is 9, Austin who is 7, Marissa who is 5, Logan who is 3 and Zackery who is my baby in heaven that I miscarried in April 2007. I enjoy my life, time with my family and friends.

I am now starting a burn survivor support group in Nebraska. Before I started the support group we did not have one. I feel it is very important to reach out to other survivors. I know how important it is to get the support from others who suffered the same injury. When I am not busy running kids. I keep busy with my home base business. I am a burn consultant, I mainly help people understand their skin and the differences between normal and burn skin. It is so important to hydrate the skin inside out. My pure, safe and beneficial skin care does all that. It works very well to hydrate. Many plastic surgeons are using these products. You might also like to learn more about corrective cosmetics by visiting Barbara Pinson's internet site Pinson Cosmetics at www.pinsoncosmetics.com. Barbara is truly a great and fun specialist to work with. I spent a weekend with her in Georgia and got my makeover. She was able to match all my skin tones and make them look even. It changed my life! I am now ready to move forward and get my training, to be able to offer the same services to other burn survivors! My life is going good now. It wasn't always moving in a positive direction! . I am here for anyone. I will do anything I can do to help you!



You All Take Care and God Bless You All On Your Journey