Nothing Is Impossible To A Willing Heart

By: Monika Sethi

The greatest power that one possesses for succeeding in life is our understanding that life gives you a fresh start at any moment that you choose to begin again. No matter what has happened, in your life, and how strongly it has affected you, you must always have to remember that nothing that stood in your way would remain there for long and that it cannot stop us for long. When things change in your life, we hope that all of the changes are for the better. Depending on the situation as humans we cannot always realize everything will turn out for the good. But do not worry with positive thoughts and help from others, it will not remain there forever.


Maybe it is very easy for some of us to just say it. As a burn survivor, I personally know that working through the rough times is not easy. I like so many others, had to drag myself out of the depths of the deep and painful despair. I found out that the negative emotions had a negative effect on my burned body. When that was finally realized, I decided that it was time to get rid of the negative feelings and live in a more positive way. As I began to make this very important change, I found out that positive emotions have a positive effect on my life. What a great feeling that was and still is today.

As I burn survivor, I have had to deal with the physical and emotional scars that I suffered. This is the biggest insult that I thought I and any other human being could endure. I suffered through the moments of emotional ups and downs. Each and every negative emotion caused me to physical pain somewhere in my body. During the pain, I fought within myself to trust fundamental ability of fighting against all odds! That helped me to find the strength and help needed to not only live but to live a life of dignity and self respect.

Most of us need love and respect from ourselves and others. It is in the giving and receiving of love and respect that we choose life. The greatest power that we all possess for succeeding in life is our understanding that life gives us a fresh start any moment we choose to start fresh. If we feel that the love around us is not bringing us where we should be or we are finding a gap in our lives then you might want to look for spiritual guidance.

Spiritual guidance is not restricted to one area, or one particular day or time of the day. While we may be more open to receiving spiritual guidance in the quiet hours of the early morning, or the late night, we need to understand that spiritual guidance is always present. It is present in books that we 'happen' to come across, articles that we reading and things that we hear. Many times that new information is applied to our personal situation.

Perhaps if we expected to receive spiritual guidance at each and every moment of our lives instead of simply in church on Sunday, or when we sit quietly in meditation, we would receive many more messages throughout the day. On the other hand what if we need that spiritual guidance and the end result of the situation is still negative. We need to learn from that experience and then move forward again in our life. This will allow each and every one of us to gain strength and positive ideas.


So dear friends I personally ask you to do what is needed and Live for today. Celebrate the past, embrace the present, and anticipate the future. Learn from the past but don't live and dwell on yesterday. Recognize that the good old days are never going to return and maybe they were not as good as we recall them to be. It would be best if you make sure to engage fully in this day so you can provide yourself with love, positive thoughts and the happiness of being a burn survivor and not a burn victim.

As a burn survivor, I can understand the pain that you all might be going through or have gone through during your life. The most important thing that I do know is that if I was able to find what is needed to become and remain a burn survivor, you can do the same.


Something that you should always remember is that suffering a burn injury or any other accident during your life, you are still alive. You did not loose our life. If you have not realized this yet, I ask you to please search within yourself, and find your purpose in life. Whatever that purpose is, you need to reach that goal. Do not allow the pain, the burn or any other type of injury to stop you from accomplishing that goal! If you worry, you are allowing the negative ideas and emotions to take control. The end result is negative. The only changes that this can make, is for you to take steps backwards.

To worry is a total waste of time. It may change things for a few seconds but when you come to terms with reality you realize that this did not change anything. All that negative emotions and thoughts, worry does is taint your mind and steals your joy. So open your arms and welcome today. If you are in pain emotionally and/or physically reach out to a friend. A true friend will grab you hand and help you in any way he or she can. We must all come to terms with the past and let it go. We should keep the past in the past. Remember that when the going gets rough you must find the strength from within yourself and fight back. Don't lay back in pain or distress because nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Move forward, recover from the injury and find your new path in life.

Each step a challenge
Each day a joy
None can destroy

The worst you know
Is yet to come
To create awareness
This must be done

You have the reach
To change perceptions
And take the search
In new directions

And then emerges
wondrous things
within seven springs