The BSTTW Book of Lives

By: Michael Appleman, CEO

Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW) is an international 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations is proud to announce the release of the first of many eBooks that has pictures and stories from burn survivors, family members and friends. The BSTTW Book of Lives is 130 pages and is produced using the Flip PDF software program, that was donated to us, in order to create an eBook that you can flip the pages back and forth. Below are a few paragraphs from some of the stories. If you are interested in purchasing The BSTTW Book of Lives you can go to the BSTTW Online Shop at BSTTW Online Shop.

"On the 3rd day I was brought back to life. It felt like I was in a corridor with no ceiling or floor. I heard a voice asking me, "when do you want to go?" I tried to process it. I heard it again but this time the voice was more demanding. I was still trying to process what the voice was saying. I continued to think who, what's going on? My mind finally calmed down. At that point I received another, stronger demand. This time it was "Make a decision". I knew right then and there it was Christ who was speaking to me. There was no doubt in my mind. I kept thinking about my wife who still needed me and I decided that I needed to come back to put my things in order. The next thing I knew, people were all around me saying "ok, he made it". This is a time in my life that I will never forget."


"The greatest power that one possesses for succeeding in life is our understanding that life gives you a fresh start at any moment that you choose to begin again. No matter what has happened in your life, and how strongly it has affected you, you must always have to remember that nothing that stood in your way would remain there for long and that it cannot stop us for long. When things change in your life, we hope that all of the changes are for the better. Depending on the situation, as humans, we cannot always realize everything will turn out for the good. But do not worry with positive thoughts and help from others, it will not remain there forever."

"Every night before going to bed, we stayed up playing cards with the other Taiwanese girls and boys, telling jokes and just having a fun time. We went to the coolest water park I've been to before. A water maze, a huge water bed thing you jump on, a space ship with dangling rubber skipping ropes tied to the top while raining inside. It was just fun altogether. That day I got a really bad sun burn because the water washed off all my sunscreen. Everyone went on a cruise around the Island, sightseeing and saw hundreds of dolphins. Sadly, I was already bus sick from the bumpy roads I missed the dolphins my favorite animal and went back to the camp instead. While back at the camp this little Chinese girl stayed with me, and made me laugh. She called the guy translating for her a pig and whatnot. She was way too cute and made me laugh. We played with a pet squirrel they had and it went running all over the place, even up my arm."


"A burn injury is the worst injury the human body can suffer, but the one that has been burned is not the only one hurting. Everyone who loves that person, especially a mate, is dying inside. The very worst thing you can do is fight, bicker, argue among yourselves. You may think how could a family do that to one another during such a trying time? I certainly never thought any of this would happen. Well, I was wrong."

"Spending time with animals can be a great source of companionship. Whether you have a dog or you go to your local shelter, spending time with an animal or pet can help us to feel better. Animals can be of good company to all of us whether we are alone or not."

"On Saturday September 25, 1998, our five year old and our friends son went back there to check things out and Samuel followed. From what we have been able to piece together, most of the ashes had cooled down. There was still a smoldering bed of very hot coals. Samuel climbed onto a log near a hot spot. The older boys went back into the house. They did not take Samuel with them, as of course, they should have. Samuel fell in backwards and as he lay there in the coals with his back, legs and feet burning, he tried to push up with his right arm. This caused Samuel to also suffer a burn injury up past the elbow."



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