BSTTW Burn Survivor Online Podcast

By: Michael Appleman, CEO

BSTTW is proud to announce the BSTTW Online Podcast (BOP). The BOP offers both series and individual episodes that can be listened to and seen in both digital, audio and video broadcast. The BOP episodes can be downloaded or watched on our internet site.


BSTTW asks burn survivors, family members, doctors, fire fighters, rehabilitation specialists and others to share their personal and/or professional experiences and thoughts on the BOP. By doing so you will be helping yourself and others.

I suggest that in order to record and submit a broadcast to BSTTW you should first put your thoughts down on paper, in your computer, cell phone, etc.. When you feel all of your thoughts are written down, you should prepare to record your podcast. Once the podcast is completed, reviewed and is ready to be reviewed by BSTTW you should submit the podcast. You will be notified if your podcast is accepted. If it is accepted your podcast will be uploaded and available on the BOP, on the search engines, Facebook, Twitter and others so it can be watched and/or listened to and enlightened from. People who listen to and watch the podcast on the BOP can gather information in order to share the information with their family members and friends, and use the information to better themselves today and/or in their future. This can help you towards personal growth.

I am sure by this time you are asking yourself how and where is a podcast submitted. If you continue reading in this article you will find out how to submit a podcast to BSTTW.


Since BSTTW is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization all podcasts on the BOP are free for everyone to watch, listen to and learn from.

Before you begin to watch a podcast it is suggested that you make sure that you have the time to listen to and learn from the podcast. It is best not to split your time and thoughts while you listen to a podcast. That can cause you to miss important information and possibly not absorb the meaning of the podcast. A podcast can help you increase your intelligence, emotional awareness and personal recovery. Listening to a podcast on the BOP can also help you alter and increase life in general.

The BOP can be watched and/or listened to on your mobile phone, your desktop computer, your tablets and other portable devices. If you download a BOP episode all you need is a media player like Windows Media Player that can be downloaded for free at

If you are interested in submitting a podcast to BOP, have it evaluated and used on the BOP, the BSTTW YouTube please fill out this eform and submit your information. A BSTTW Representative will contact you about how you can submit your podcast. You can find the BOP Eform is at

You can subscribe to the BOP Elist in order to receive emails informing you of new BOP's, you can look for new BOP's in the search engines or you can go to the BOP. To join the BOP Elist go to

You can learn more and listen to what is already on the BOP at

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact BSTTW by email at or by telephone at 936-483-9014.