Burn Survivor Donates To BSTTW's Auction

By: Michael Appleman, CEO


The BSTTW was incorporated and became a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Organization in 2001. Since that time we have been helping burn victims, burn survivors and family members rebuild their lives. We have also been taking part in fire safety education and educating the public on how they can help a burn survivor reenter their community. The upcoming BSTTW Rebuilding Lives Auction will be held from November 15th through December 15, 2005. BSTTW will be auctioning two new paintings that were donated by Kevin Maedgen, a burn survivor and painter, autographed items and other paintings from the father of a burn survivor and artists. To the right you will see two pictures of cats and Kevin Maedgen.

Kevin Maedgen is an example of a burn survivor that works very hard to rebuild his life. In 1972, Kevin was burned in school. Standing in front of a space heater, in his second grade class, Kevin's coat caught on fire. He and his friends were never taught what to do when your clothes are on fire. Kevin went to the same school that his mother taught at. His first instinct was to scream for his mother and run to her. Kevin's mother taught at the same school. She was the person that Kevin knew could help him. Kevin began running down the court yard to the other side of the building were his mother's classroom was. On the way, he tripped and fell. Several of the teachers that knew first aid came to Kevin's side and began to roll Kevin in the grass in order to put out the fire on his body. Kevin suffered third degree burns on 45% of his body. Most of his left hand and a part of his right hand had to be amputated.

In physical therapy, Kevin began to take drawing and painting classes. As he rehabilitated and grew up, Kevin realized that painting was his true passion. He remembers back to his rehabilitation and is very thankful that he was able to continue his passion even though he lost parts of both his hands. Kevin Maedgen is an example of a burn survivor not giving up. He has difficult times, as many burn survivors have during their life, but Kevin keeps a positive attitude.

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