Father Asks BSTTW To Help His Boys In Viêt Nam

By: Michael Appleman, CEO


Two boys from Hô Chí Minh City, Viêt Nam survive a house fire to learn what life is like as a burn survivor. These boys, whose pictures are to your right, and their father were the only ones to survive the blaze. They lost their mother and now have to fight both the scars and the emotional pain. As many of you know, these two boys need extensive medical treatment. Treatment that most children in Viêt Nam cannot get. In the United States of America we have the Shriner Children's Hospital that donates their time and does fantastic work.

When BSTTW began their work in Viêt Nam, the father of these two boys asked Minh Tho, the writer of a local newspaper, to please ask BSTTW for help. Minh Tho got a notarized release form and met Ngyuên Thi Diêu Trân, BSTTW Director-Viêt Nam & Vice President, and Michael Appleman BSTTW Executive Director & CEO, for lunch in order to discuss these two boys. Mr. Appleman contacted Shriner Children's Hospital after he returned to the United States. Shriners is willing to give these boys free medical care for one year if BSTTW can bring the boys to the United States and find them room and board for their one year stay in the United States. Once the boys are in the United States, no matter what part of the Continental United States they are living in, AirLifeLine will fly them to Shriners and any other place they need medical care.

In order for BSTTW to help these boys and many others in Viêt Nam, we need your help. If any adults, teens, parents, relatives, friends, companies, organizations, churches, temples, etc. are interested in helping BSTTW to rebuild lives, please contact us at 936-483-9014 or email us at: vn@burnsurvivorsttw.org.

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