Yoko Ono Donates To BSTTW

By: Michael Appleman, CEO


After receiving information from BSTTW and reviewing the BSTTW internet site, Yoko Ono understood the need that BSTTW and the burn survivor community has. Yoko appreciates the work that BSTTW is offering to the adults and children who suffer burn injuries all around the world. Yoko, who is extremely busy, autographed her new CD called Blueprint For A Sunrise and donated it to BSTTW for the organization to use in an upcoming auction.

When John Lennon was alive, many years ago, Yoko Ono and John Lennon reached out to all of us expressing their care and concern for all human beings around the world. They asked us all to work together and live in peace. Today Yoko is still reaching out to all of us with her songs and words of love and peace.

BSTTW is reaching out to the Governments and the public in the USA and all around the world to help BSTTW rebuild burn survivors lives and help educate their citizens about fire safety. BSTTW needs the Governments, companies, churches, individuals and organizations around the world to take part in volunteering and donating the funding needed to BSTTW in order for us to continue and increase our work world wide. Rebuilding a life after a burn injury is takes time, finances and hard work. In order to become a survivor most burn victims need medical and psychological assistance. Both the burn survivor and family member will need emotional and educational support and financial help in order to recover and rebuild their lives.

Please take part in helping BSTTW rebuild lives by volunteer and/or donating to our cause. To learn more about BSTTW go to BSTTW Home Page, volunteer your time at BSTTW Volunteer E-Form, donate financially to BSTTW by going to BSTTW Donations List and take part in our auctions at BSTTW Auction List.

Below is the letter BSTTW received from Yoko Ono's representative donating the autographed CD.