About Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.

Company Information

Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. was founded by Michael Appleman. Michael was in a cigarette fire in a car. The cigarette appeared to go out and in a short period of time it started a car fire. This all happened in 1998. Unfortionately he was not sent to a burn unit and did not get the support and medical attention needed to recover and move forward in his life. His right leg was not straighted out. For years Michael was in a wheelchair and unable to walk.

In 1999 Michael was given free internet service, learned a lot and made many friends on Burn Survivors Online. He decided to begin a support group for burn survivors and family members. Michael learned about creating an internet site, found free web service and purchased a domain name. The internet site was called Burn Survivors Throughout The World. During the next two years Michael used MS degree in Counseling Psychology to offer the education, friendship and support to others in need. He also went to several World Burn Congresses, learned a lot and made many friends. Because Burn Survivors Throughout The World's internet site was used so often that Michael decided to look into creating a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. He spoke to many burn survivors and friends. Several were interested in starting the 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and becoming board members. In August 2001 Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc., known from this point on as BSTTW, was incorporated. In October of 2001 BSTTW was given the 501 (c)(3) nonprofit oganization status.

For the past 20 years Michael and the BSTTW Support Team has helped so many burn survivors and family members. The organization has grown in so many areas. BSTTW has received financial, computer and internet programs, medications, medical treatment and corporate services. The organization has traveled and offered medications to doctors and hospitals in both Egypt and Viet Nam. During those trips Mr. Appleman offered support to burn survivors during those trips. BSTTW has also offered free medical treatment to burn survivors throughout the world.

Currently BSTTW offers the BSTTW Online Community at https://www.burnsurvivorsttw.org/community/index.php, a private community for burn survivors, family members, friends, fire fighters and volunteers who can communicate, get and give support and share their stories. BSTTW also offers advocacy, articles, education, elists, funding, medications and medical equipment, support chat services, stories, movies, newsletters, pictures and more.


BSTTW is funded through private donations, services and fundraising events. With the financial and volunteer support from the burn survivor community and the public BSTTW continues to raise the funding and services needed to offer one on one support, educate the public, continue offering their internet site and internet conferences.

BSTTW Empowers

BSTTW works with companies, doctors, firefighters, governments, hospitals and others related to the burn survivor community in order to rebuild lives and increase fire safety.

  • Honesty: BSTTW conducts business with honesty and maintain the values, regulations, and interests of the nonprofit organization.
  • Creativity: BSTTW takes excellent risks and seeks to be a non profit organization that impacts the and reacts the burn survivor communities needs.
  • Collaboration: BSTTW builds and works with many, strong and talented teams and partners that believe in working together in order to accomplish goals that rebuild and saves lives.
  • Respect: BSTTW offers compassion and respect to burn survivors, family members their friends, burn units, companies, doctors, firefighters and governments.
  • Responsibility: BSTTW shows friendship, compassion and respect to burn survivors, their family members and friends in order to help them move forward and receive the emotional support needed.


"It is very important to overcome new challenges and obstacles. By doing so you will be getting stronger everyday. It's what you do afterward that counts like Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. (BSTTW)."

Lita Duckworth