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Questions Relating To Burn Camps:

  • Does BSTTW offer burn camps to adults and/or children that have been burned?

    Currently BSTTW is gathering funding to open up burn camps in the USA, Egypt and Asia.

    You can learn more about donation Donate To BSTTW Burn Camp Funding or BSTTW Volunteer E-Form.

  • Does BSTTW offer a list of burn camps?

    Yes, you can find a full list of burn camps around the world by going to Links.

  • Can BSTTW get my child funding to attend a burn camp?

    BSTTW would be more than happy to do our best to help you get the funding needed for your child to attend a burn camp. You can contact BSTTW for the forms needed to apply for funding by email at infoburnsurvivorsttw.org or BSTTW Address & Telephone Contact Information.

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