Excerpts on Spiritual Healing

By: Zach Perlman
"The Center of Inner Light"



Spiritual Healing has worked for thousands of years in all kinds of religions and spiritual systems throughout the world...and it is still working today. Some people have a tendency to associate this kind of healing with dishonest television evangelists and fortune teller. But there are in fact many honest healers who often provide their services at no cost.

The American Medical Association has stated in it's journal, that 78% of all patients who go to a doctor are suffering from psychosomatic illnesses. Unfortionately, while the medical profession recognizes that the majority of ailments are mental, it still treats them physically with injections, pills and even scalpels. If the mind can make you sick, then it follows that it can also make you well.

The Energy Body

In 1968, Russian doctors and scientists announced their discovery. All living things including plants, animals and human beings- not only have a physical body made of atoms and molecules, but also have a counterpart body of energy. They called it the bioplasmic energy body. Their findings were widely published and talked about in Russian science and medical journals.

The doctors came to the conclusion that our primary body is our energy body, and not the one made of flesh, bone and muscles. Rather, the physical body is produced or generated by the energt body. Using Kirlan photography in controlled laboratory studies showed that if some looses their physical finger, hand or arm; that same body part still shows up in the photograph of his/her energy body. The person still retains their limbs energy-body counterpart.

Kirlian photography also indicates that psychic healing involves a transfer of energy from the energy body of the healer to the energy body of his patient. Changes in the energy body are then reflected in the physical body.


Some people can see others energy fields. The metaphysical science calls someone's personal energy field an "aura". Classical science has proved there are colors which are beyond the range of sight for the human eye, and sounds that cannot be heard by the human ear. Radio, television and satellite waves are examlples of this. Most people would assume that they cannot see a person's energy field-just as they cannot see radio waves travel through the air, but in fact, many people can learn to see "auras" and many people already do. Others can feel or sense "auras".

Mood and Energy

Some of the most interseting findings in the research showed how mood affects the energy body. In 1956, Dooctors demonstrated that the number of a persons white blood cells rose by a count of 1500 after a positive emotion was suggested to them. After impressing a negative emotion on someone, their white bloosd cells rose by a count of 1600. White blood cells are one of the body's main defenses against disease, so you can see how unhealthy it is to be stressed out and depressed. A negative emotion or depressed state of mind acts like a toxic substance on the energy.

Dr. Bernard Grad of McGill University in Motreal- painstakingly proved that if a spiritual or "psychic" healer held a sealed flask of water, and this water was later pored on barley seeds; those plants significantly outgrew the plants that received the untreated water. In a comparison study, if a deppressed psychiatric patient held the sealed flask of water, the growth of the seeds it was poured on became retarded.

Dr. Grad suggested that there is a flow of energy around the human body (either positive or negative) which effects the well being and growth of plants and animals. A person's mood, attitude and expectations effect great changes in that energy field. This previously unacknowledged "energy" has wide implications for the medical sciences, from hospital care to it's effect on the outcome of standard laboratory test.

The E.S.P. Factor

In a previous section of this course I said it is my personal opinion that E.S.P. belongs to everyone and is a part of our basic survival mechanism. E.S.P. is an instnctional-intuative tool that we as a species have used for self preservation. We all tune into each other to some dgree. We assess people and situations to determine degrees of comfort or discomfort we are likely to encounter. One way we "read" people is through our "auras" tuning into and assessing each other.

Inventor David Thomson, assisted by Dr. Ward, in New Jersey, discovered that a person's energy field detects the frequencies of someone else's field at a distance and is also affected by it. Peoples force fields immediately sense fear, aggression, panic or friendship in another person.

Most of the time what we sense about a person's energy field (aura) stays on a subconscious level. But every once in a while our survival instincts make usa aware of a dangerous person or situation. People who have developed their intuitive abilities can make themselves more aware of what their energy field is sensing about another's. People who are extremely compassionate or even just emotionally sensitive have an acute awareness or empathy for what people near them are feeling.


We understand now that our energfy body is our primary body and that sickness and healing develop in the energy body before manifesting in the physical body. We also learned that our energy bodies are effected by our emotions and that our personal energy field interacts and effects the energy field of others.

From this we can reason that when we direct a positive emotion towards an are of a sickness we are helping to heal. It doesn't make a difference if you direct positive energy towards yourself or someone else... As long as you intend it to get there, it does. Think of an emotion as an energy in motion. It can be positive or negative with corresponding effects. This explains why meditations which release stress and focus on the body's energy are beneficial to good health. It also explains why visualizing yourself as healing and healthy often helps accelerate the healing process.

*Note: When we heal ourselves or someone else, we use Meditation to focus our personal energy and then we use guided visualization to gather and direct our energy.


Go outside and pick 2 fresh leaves from a tree. Do this now. One of them will receive special care and the other will not. Put one of them in the corner of the room where it will go undisturbed and you can forget all about it. You are going to take the other leaf and put it in a different spot in the room, but first take it and hold it in your hand. Immediately start sending positive, loving, caring, healing emotions to the leaf. Imagine it vibrant and healthy. Continue to do this for a couple of minutes.

Now put this treated leaf somewhere in the room where it too won't be disturbed. For the next week or two, several times a day, you will continue to send healing, loving, positive emotions to the treated leaf. You will keep visualizing it as healthy and living. The untreated leaf you will simply observe from a distance and try to ignore. Compare the leaves after a period of about a week. You will find that the treated leaf looks much more lively and healthy.

This serves to demonstrate the healing power of your mind and personal energy field. At this point it should be obvious that the same healing energy which you applied to the leaf, can just as easily be applied to the human body.