John Travolta Donates To & Supports BSTTW
By: Michael Appleman, CEO

Michael Appleman, CEO of BSTTW contacted John Travolta about BSTTW, the BSTTW
Music CD and the movie Ladder 49. John & June Travolta are caring people. After receiving the information about BSTTW,


reviewing the BSTTW internet site and listening to the BSTTW Music CD, John immedately autographed two pictures and June sent BSTTW the two autographed pictures and an autographed poster from the new movie Ladder 49.

John Travolta is a well known actor and caring individual. He has moved forward in his life as an actor, husband, father and loving family member and never forgot the importance of helping others. John & June Travolta are proud to be part of helping BSTTW and the burn survivor community. During preparation and the filming of the movie Ladder 49, John Travolta not only met many firefighters, he learned what thier lives are turly about. The risk that a firefighter takes every day to save the lives of people they do not even know. Mr. Travolta hopes the public and especially all of his fans will open up their hearts and support BSTTW financially and volunteer with the organization. June Travolta has asked BSTTW to keep her up to date on our upcoming auction and BSTTW's work.

Below is the letter that June Travolta sent to BSTTW.


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