New York Cigarettes "Fire Safe" Mid-2003


Today, August 22, 2000, Governor George Pataki, signed the "fire safe" mandate which will take effect in mid 2003. This will cause cigarettes in New York State to be self-extinguishing. Unlike the one in May 2000, which he vetoed, this will cause cigarettes to meet higher standards. The new "fire safe" cigarettes to not be any more toxic to smokers than standard cigarettes.

California is looking into similar legislation.

This is a start. It does not cause all cigarettes to be "fire safe". Hopefully in the near future, the H.R. 1130 will be put into effect. Also prior to the H.R. 1130 all the other States will begin to show that they will force the cigarette companies to realize that the need for "fire safe" cigarettes.

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