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Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization. Donations
are tax deductable to the extent of the United States Tax Laws; Federal Tax ID #94-3403785. All types of donations are extreamly important in helping us rebuild the lives of burn survivors and family members around the world. BSTTW does not just need monetary donations, we also need, automobiles, wheel chairs, electric wheel chairs, clothes, medical equipment and supplies, office equipment, books, etc..


By donating $25.00 or more to BSTTW you will be helping us receive the funds needed to continue our work rebuilding lives, you will get to own and listen to the BSTTW Music CD called Burn Survivors Throughout The World, you will show your love and support to Ariel Gonzalez and Lita Duckworth, two burn survivors who are the important parts of the making of the music and recording of this CD and to the burn survivor community world wide. The shipping and handling for the CD is included in your donation. To learn more about the making of the BSTTW Music CD, go to BSTTW Music CD or to donate click one of the donation icons below.

BSTTW & the Burn Survivor Community Needs Your Help. Please Help Us!!!!!

Without your donations many of BSTTW's goals will not be reached. If you currently cannot donate to BSTTW, you can donate in the future and you can also add BSTTW to your Last Will and Testament.

To donate by personal, business or bank check or money order. Just print and fill out the online BSTTW Check Donation Form and your check. Then mail your check to BSTTW.
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Many families and individuals have offered BSTTW a percentage or all of their finances, investments and personal property in their last will and testament. A donation to the BSTTW General Fund or any of the other BSTTW Fund, will allow you to continue supporting and helping not only BSTTW, but the burn survivor community even after God takes you to heaven. If you are interested donating to BSTTW and the burn survivor community have your attorney contact BSTTW at 936-483-9014.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at BSTTW Donations.

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