Burning Forever
By: Michael Appleman

Becoming Burn Survivors that day
We saw and felt the fires way,

When the flames first went out
The heat did still shout,

Today the heat is not the same
It is God's burning desire that will remain,

Sharing this day and night
Helps more of us to see the beautiful light.

My Heart Is Yours
By: Michael Appleman

Teach me dear God
As my Father
Help me to understand
To believe and pray forever.

You sent us Jesus
Your son and true believer
He showed us all the truth
Many of us believe forever.

When Jesus was forced to leave
He sacrificed himself for all
As we still see
Many still do not believe.

Jesus is at your right side every day
You both see us all
Sending your power and love to everyone
Which helps us to be happy in every way.

By: Michael Appleman

God's kingdom as we see it
Shall reign over all the Earth,

Let's hold our hands together
Believe and sing forever,

The glory of our Lord
Shall rise among us,

The praises of our King
We all shall see,

Let's show this all together
And share it with everyone forever.

Copyright © Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.